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What does “Going Green” mean for

The Volcano Project?

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Photo courtesy

G. Brad Lewis

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Introduction to Volcano

By David Miranda © 2009

cont'd from "Benefits"

I suddenly understood that immense feeling of awe that I could see in my Uncles posture as he stood there, his silver hair lightly moving on the breeze; staring across this creation, lost in thought. I suddenly understood what respect was and how it comes to be. It was standing in front of me. And I listened to everything he said to me. I wanted this place to speak to me the same way that it spoke to my Uncle; the same way that it spoke to all the relatives that I would be meeting in the weeks ahead. And it became a part of my life. I try to share it with family and those I meet; when the moment is right to do so.

So welcome to Volcano. Allow this place to speak to you. Be a child while you are here and ask lots of questions. Take home with you the awe and inspired respect that this creation can engender in you if you allow it to be that way. Understand and feel the way people in an earlier day felt when they visited this place. E Komo Mai! (Welcome!).


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